ALL DAY BREAKFAST. All day, you can order all the treats from our menu. Breakfast? Lunch? Or just a tasty cocktail. Check out our full menu below.




Caffè Lungo 2,90
Cappuccino 3,25
Espresso 2,90
Espresso Doppio 3,95
Caffè Latte 3,75
Latte Macchiato 3,75
Iced Latte 4,00
Espresso Macchiato 3,75
Cortado 3,20
Flat White 3,75
Matcha Latte 3,95
Chai Vanilla 4,10
Chai Tea Latte 3,95
Iced Chai Tea Latte 4,00
Dirty Chai Tea Latte 4,75
Iced Dirty Chai Tea Latte 4,75
Tea 2,90
Fresh Mint tea 3,75
Ginger tea with Orange 3,75
Hot Chocolate 3,75


Monin syrups + 0,55

Whipped cream + 0,65
Soy milk + 0,65
Coconut milk + 0,65
Oatly oat milk + 0,65
Decaf + 0,65


Babyccino (Hot melk with marshmallows) 2,75
Puberccino (Hot milk with caramelsaus) 2,75


Brownie 4,25
Blondie 4,25
Lemonbar 3,50
Cheesecake with mango & passionfruit 4,95
SUE bites 5,25
Without gluten, lactose and sugar. Ask about the delicious flavours, they change seasonally!
Banana bread 3,75
Donut 2,75
Kids muffin 3,25


Apple pie 4,25
Chocolate cake 4,75
Carrotcake 4,95


Banana muffin 3,75
Raspberry & white chocolate muffin 3,75
Blueberry Muffin 3,75
Kids Muffin 3,25


All Day Breakfast Platter 14,95
Mini yoghurt with homemade granola, fresh fruit, a small smoothie of your choice, scrambled eggs, bagel, ham, hummus, cream cheese and a blueberry crumpet
Small Starts Can Give You Big Energy 7,50
Banana bread or croissant, mini yoghurt with granola and fruit and your favourite coffee or tea


(Medium 6,95 – Large 8,95)

Healthy Yoghurt
Granola, fresh seasonal fruit, honey and coconut
Chunky Monkey
Banana, Nutella, dark chocolate, walnuts and coconut
Sharon’s Favorite
Fresh fruit, red fruit compote, almonds and white chocolate
Apple Pie
Apple, maple syrup, walnut crunch and cinnamon


LOVE In A Bowl 9,95
Made from mango, passion fruit and banana, seasonal fruit, coconut flakes and granola


Served with sourdough bread. Choose between; brown or white?

Scrambled Eggs 9,50
Served with avocado and two pieces of toast 
+ Supplement: choice of ham, bacon, cheese, or salmon. Per supplement: 1,- extra charge for salmon + 1,50
Sunny Side Up 8,50
Fried eggs with two pieces of bread
+ Supplement: choice of ham, bacon, cheese, or salmon. Per supplement: 1,- extra charge for salmon + 1,50


We have upgraded the famous pancakes to crumpets. Ask our colleagues for the crumpets of the moment.

Match Made In Heaven 9,75
Banana, salted caramel, mascarpone and pretzels
Queen Merry Berry 9,75
Blueberries, mascarpone and blueberry sauce
Apple Pie 9,75
Appel, walnut crunch, cinnamon, mascarpone and maple syrup
Chocolate Is All Around 9,75
Nutella, oreo crumble, mascarpone and chocolate chunks
Oatie Freaky Healthy 10,75
Oatmeal, vegan yoghurt, walnuts, seasonal fruits and red fruit coulis
(gluten- and lactose free)


Salmon 10,75
Smoked salmon, home-made salmon salad, sweet-and-sour red onion, cream cheese and capers
Egg Salad 9,75
Home-made egg salad, cucumber and bacon
Vega 9,75
Hummus with sundried tomatoes, avocado and pomegranate
Caprese 10,25
Mozzarella, pomodori, sundried tomatoes and pesto
Carpaccio 12,50
Beef with truffle mayonnaise, sundried tomato, parmesan cheese, capers and seeds


Philly Cheese Steak 12,50
Thinly sliced beef, onion compote, cheddar and sriracha mayonnaise
Tuna Melt 12,50
Homemade tuna salad, red onion, capers, Gouda cheese and sriracha mayonnaise
Sandwich ‘de Goudse’ ~ Croque Monsieur 11,75
Multigrain sourdough bread with ham, Gouda cheese and béchamel sauce
Croque Madame 12,75
Multigrain sourdough bread with ham, Gouda cheese, fried egg and béchamel sauce
Soup of the day 6,50
Served with two slices of toast and butter


Mèèèè Salad 9,50
Goat cheese, sweet-and-sour beetroot, bacon, caramelised pecan nuts, sun-dried tomato, cucumber and garden herb oil
Plenty Veggie Salad 10,25
Vegan cheese, avocado, cucumber, carrot, sweet-and-sour beetroot, cashew nuts and herb croutons

+ Supplement: choice of ham, bacon, cheese, or salmon. Per supplement: 1,- extra charge for salmon + 1,50
Vegan ‘Kapsalon’ Bowl 12,50
Sweet potato fries, marinated jackfuit, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, vegan cheese and vegan sriracha mayonnaise


Fresh orange juice 3,75
Large Fresh orange juice
Spa Blue
Spa Red 3,00
Coca-Cola 3,00
Coca-Cola Zero 3,00
FUZE TEA Ice Tea 3,00
FUZE TEA Ice Tea Green 3,00
Sprite 3,00
Fanta Orange 3,00
Fanta Cassis 3,00
FINLEY Bitter Lemon 3,00
Fristi 3,00
Chocomel chocolate milk 3,00


Schulp Apple juice 3,50
Schulp juices; Varying flavours 3,75
Spa XL Red or Blue 5,75


Tonic & Soda 3,75
Elderflower Tonic 3,75
Pink Grapefruit Soda 3,75
Ginger Beer 3,75
Raspberry & Rhubarb Tonic 3,75
Ginger Ale 3,75

100% natural fruit & herbal-based soft drink

Sparkling Rose
A hit: you won’t want to miss this flavour combination of apple, pear, rose and cardamom!
Sparkling Lemon

Enjoy this delicious thirst quencher made of sparkling water, fresh-sweet apple, lemon and a hint of mint.
Sparkling Blackberry
Imagine yourself in a lavender field for a moment with this fine combination of fresh-sour apples, berries a soft taste of lavender.

SOOF Homemade Iced Tea 4,95
Wonderfully refreshing: you won’t want to miss this flavour combination of black tea, lime, mint, grape, apple & pear!
(Choice of still/sparkling)


Stralend 6,75
Mango, passion fruit, apple and pineapple
Eeuwig jong! 6,75
Broccoli, apple, celery and parsnip
Royal Beauty 6,75
Carrot, bell pepper, celeriac and apple
Sweetie Pie 6,75
Banana, mango and apple
Purple Is A Lifestyle
Açai, banana and apple

This is the moment! 6,75
Ask for our smoothie of the season!


Unicorn 7,95
Strawberry ice cream, doughnut, candyfloss, glitter sauce, sour candy and marshmallows.
Bananarama 7,95
Banana ice cream, doughnut, candyfloss, caramel sauce, candy bananas and crazy monkey heads.
Choco Loco 7,95
Chocolate ice cream, donut, candyfloss, chocolate sauce, brownies and marshmallows.
Freakshake special 7,95
Let our Kecke changing Freakshakes surprise you! Ask for our special!


Pornstar Martini 9,75
Espresso Martini 9,75
Moscow Mule 9,75
Vodka, Fever Tree Ginger Beer, Lime and Mint


Cocktails and Gin 10,00
Hermit gin and Fever Tree 10,00
Bobby’s gin and Fever Tree 10,00
Hendrick’s gin and Fever tree Mediterranean Tonic 10,00


GROLSCH Weizen 0% 4,25
GROLSCH 0% 3,95
Grimbergen Blond 5,50
Grimbergen Tripel 5,75
Peroni 3,65

WINE Per glass or bottle

Sanziana Chardonnay Cramele Recas 4,95 – 26,50
Radacini Pinot Grigio Blush Rosé 5,25 – 28,50
Sanziana Merlot 4,95 – 26,50
Cramele Recas Fursten Reinhardt Sweet 4,75 –  26,50
Covides Cava L’Anae Brut 6,50 – 34,50

Dish from the list below, and a drink (milk, apple juice or lemonade)

Moet van Mama
Fruit Skewer
Ik Wil Een Tosti!
Ham/cheese grilled cheese sandwich with ketchup
Sliced of bread with Nutella
Le Petit Prince
Croissant with jam
Chunky Monkey
Yoghurt with banana, Nutella and chocolate
Crumpets (1 grote p.p)
Choose from the following flavours:
Blueberries and Marscarpone
Banana and Marscarpone
Chicken pops
Chicken nuggets with ketchup


Snack plate Keck 9.75 p.p. (vanaf 2 personen)
Een delicious snack plate with everything. Think cheese, nuts, croquettes, cold cuts and bread with spreads

Sweet with a kick 6,25
Sweet potato fries with sriracha mayonnaise

Bread plate 7,50
Bread with various spreads

Bitterballen 6,50
6 bitterballen. Watch out: hot!

Vega ‘kroketjes’ 6,50
6 pieces of jackfruit ‘kroketjes’

KECK menu

Our “platters” are here for you when you can’t choose! A tasty platter with multiple items in miniature.

Yoghurtbar Keck